August 25, 2023

The bigger picture

We talk to Deceuninck Aluminium’s Director Nigel Headford about how your choice of aluminium supplier can open doors in the future.
The Decalu163 Lift-and-Slide
The Decalu163 Lift-and-Slide Door

When Deceuninck Aluminium launched its Decalu88 Bi-Folding Door in 2019, it was the right product at the right time, Director Nigel Headford believes, reflecting the way market demands were changing.

“The fundamental appeal of the Decalu88 Bi-folding Door – in 2019 – was that it was one of the most thermally efficient aluminium doors on the market, with a modern aesthetic to match,” Nigel says. 

“Fast-forward almost five years, and it is still one of the most thermally efficient aluminium doors on the market, but market demands have continued to evolve, and homeowners want more.”

Nigel explains how many PVC-U fabricators made their first moves into the aluminium sector by offering an aluminium bi-folding door.

“At the time it was an easy upsell,” Nigel says. “PVC-U bi-folds have never had the same appeal as aluminium, so homeowners buying a house of PVC-U windows would often choose an aluminium bi-folding door.

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The Decalu88 Bifold

“But over the last couple of years, these drivers have changed. Instead of adding on a bi-fold, homeowners are more likely to take a whole house approach to refurbishment, and suite all products in one system. So, if it involves a bi-fold, then the choice of system is almost certainly going to be aluminium.”

Deceuninck Aluminium, Nigel says, has always had one eye on this emerging trend, and has designed a suite of products to match including, most recently of all, the Decalu88 Flush Casement Window.

“Having that suite of products is crucial,” Nigel says, “but where we win further plaudits is with the modular approach – we’ve kept stockholding to an absolute minimum.

“Beads, for example, are uniform across all products in the Decalu range, which not only means that less money is tied up in stock for fabricators, but there is less chance for error on site. Also, because those beads are pre-gasketed, hours can be shaved off a typical install.”

The Decalu163 Lift-and-Slide door.

Nigel reflects that one particular success story for Deceuninck Aluminium was the Decalu163 Lift-and-Slide door.

“While PVC-U never really made it in the bi-folding world, it has always had a strong foothold in patio sliders,” Nigel explains. “So, when we designed the Decalu163 Lift-and-Slide, we had to blow people’s expectations out of the water.

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Deceuninck Aluminium’s ultra-energy efficient Decalu163 Lift-and-Slide Door can achieve U-values as low as 1.3W/m2K double-glazed making it Part L-compliant for home improvement without having to go to triple-glazed units, saving installers a massive amount of weight in handling.

The aluminium lift-and-slide door is also Part L newbuild-compliant, achieving U-values of as low as 0.8W/m2K, which also means that it will meet the expected standard for newbuild from 2025 in the Future Homes Standard, in its current configuration. This is achieved using advanced pre-inserted thermal inserts. 

“You talk to any fabricator of aluminium doors, and they are left scratching their heads at how they can meet the building regs because their current suppliers are one step behind,” Nigel said. “Not only do we have an ultra-energy-efficient solution, but the Decalu163 also allows designers to go to town on size.”

The Decalu163 uses a specially designed and highly engineered operating mechanism. This means that each sash can accommodate weights of up to 400kg, maximising design reach. 

Individual sashes can be manufactured to 3,900mm by 2,500mm, which gives the Decalu163 Lift-and-Slide the design potential to be comfortably manufactured to span openings of up to 4,000mm by 3,500mm long on a single track; 4,000mm by 7,000mm on a twin track; and 4,000mm by 10,500mm on our triple track option. 

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In common with Deceuninck Aluminium’s wider offer, dual-colour and marine grade finishes are offered – as standard – simplifying pricing and guaranteeing performance regardless of where it’s fitted.

“Homeowners want bold, energy-efficient statement pieces, and installers want to fit and forget while maximising earning potential,” Nigel says. “The Decalu163 fits that brief.”

Nigel argues that launching Deceuninck Aluminium with a bi-folding door that defied expectations was the best strategy. And now they are extending that design approach across all products is not only winning market share but opening-up new opportunities for their customers.

“Those fabricators who chose Deceuninck Aluminium when we only had a door offering, are now coming back to us wanting the whole range.

And because we involved them in the design process, those products are exactly what they want.”

Nigel Headford, Director

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