January 31, 2024

Five products to make you money in 2024.

It’s time to shake off the festive period hangover and get back to making money. We’ve drawn up a list of our favourite Decalu products, each of which is designed to help you maximise sales. Nigel Headford, Director, Deceuninck Aluminium explains.

1. Decalu88 Bi-folding Door

Deceuninck Aluminium’s launch product back in 2020, the Decalu88 Bi-folding door ticks a lot of boxes. U-Values are as low as 0.68W/m2k triple-glazed or 1.4W/m2k double-glazed. Sightlines are minimal, giving the Decalu88 a contemporary premium aesthetic.

With each sash able to accommodate weights of 200kg and up to 3m in height, the Decalu88 Bi-folding Door, also offers impressive design flexibility, while guaranteeing ultra-smooth running.

Decalu88 Bi-folding Door
Lower stock holding and faster installation

Don’t write-off the bi-fold door market.

Decalu significantly lowers stock-holding through the use of a single outer frame and sash with identical middle section and slim sightline profiles; fully integrated thermal insulation; and most significantly, the use of co-extruded, pre-assembled gasket.

If you’re a fabricator you have less cash tied up in stock, if you’re an installer the Decalu knock-in glazing bead cuts installation times to as little as 5-minutes per sash.

2. The Decalu88 Flush Casement

With headline u-values as low as 0.8W/m2k – a Passivhaus equivalent level of performance, the Decalu88 Flush Casement is Future Homes Ready, whatever the u-value.

Defined by a contemporary square-edge finish and flush inside and out. In common with the wider Decalu range, the Decalu88 Flush Casement is also supplied in dual-colour marine grade and textured finishes as standard.

Decalu88 Flush Casement
Part L new build compliance today – double-glazed

The Decalu88 Flush Casement unlocks access to new build markets under current regulations with as low as – 1.2W/m2k with a standard unit. That means under current Part L requirements, unlike the vast majority of other aluminium systems, you don’t have to step up to triple glazing.

That’s simpler onsite handling and lower cost manufacture –  in an aluminium system.

3. The Decalu163 Lift-and-Slide Door

The Decalu163 Lift-and-Slide Door is a heavy-weight aluminium door. It accommodates individual sash weights of up to 400kg on a single or double track option.

That means it can be manufactured to achieve an individual sash size of around 3900mm by 3500mm and comfortably manufacture to an opening of up to 4000mm tall by 3500mm long on a single run or 4m by 7m on a twin track with just two sashes.

The Decalu163 is available in a standard or slim interlock option and in Deceuninck Aluminium’s standard colour offer including dual-colour, textured and marine grade finishes.

Decalu163 Lift-and-Slide Door
Already fitting Deceuninck PVC-U?

In common with the wider Decalu range, the Decalu163 can be precision colour matched with any of 16 PVC-U foiled finishes. It’s an ideal way to help your customers’ budgets stretch further and still deliver a highly aesthetic.

4. The Decalu88 Entrance Door

Tap into increased demand for aluminium composite entrance doors and forget call backs –  whatever the colour or aspect.

The Decalu88 Aluminium Composite Entrance Door features special ABS inserts which adapt to temperature change allowing the internal and external faces to expand and contract independently of one another, limiting bowing to a maximum of 2.5mm – even in extreme heat.

Decalu88 Entrance Door
Maximum design flexibility

This core stability also means that it achieves high levels of weather performance and sealing. This means that you can offer a wide range of designs, including a contemporary flush sash option, across 21 styles, in addition to 30 insert panel options.

5. DecaluHome Steel-Look Internal Doors

Easy-to-fit, while emulating the appearance of heritage steel internal door and partitioning systems with ultra-slim 34mm sightlines, DecaluHome has been been designed to help fabricators make more margin and for installers to maximise retail sales.

A new addition to the Deceuninck Aluminium stable this year, the range includes single internal doors and French doors, a heavy-weight pivot door, soft-close sliding door and pocket door, plus limitless partitioning options.

Maximum sash sizes are up to 2.5m in height and 150kg in weight.

Attention to heritage detailing

DecaluHome single and French Doors also come with a fully integrated traditional steel-look lock block and plate, which also doubles as a kick plate.

It helps fabricators to keep stock-holding to a minimum but still deliver the aspirational features which provide a foundation for the burgeoning heritage internal steel-look door and partitioning market.

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