December 21, 2023

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Offering a marine grade finish and dual colour as standard, we look at how Decalu is giving fabricators and installers a competitive edge in aluminium.

Offering a marine grade finish and dual colour as standard, we look at how Decalu is giving fabricators and installers a competitive edge in aluminium.

In pre-pandemic 2019, Rightmove estimated that buying a property with a sea view could see a hefty 21% added to the price tag compared to similarly sized properties 

In December 2020, it was even more clear that we do like to be beside the seaside, with sea view properties commanding an average 31% more than their competitors across the UK.

The South West – home to sought-after Devon and Cornwall – was the region with the highest increase in value added by a sea view, coming in at an impressive 42% increase on average.

“We know that while much of the country has felt the pinch of inflation, it’s not hit everybody equally.
“If you can afford a second home by the coast, you’re not counting the pennies, which means that home improvement markets in coastal locations have remained comparatively buoyant. 
“It’s a great hunting ground for installers but manufacture and fit the wrong aluminium system and coastal installations can be a world of pain.” 

Nigel Headford, Director, Deceuninck Aluminium.

Marine grade aluminium doors and windows as standard

This is where he argues Decalu simplifies door specs and gives fabricators and installers peace of mind. The complete range, including the Decalu163 Lift-and-Slide and Decalu88 Bi-fold, are marine grade as standard. 

Deceuninck Windows and Doors

This means that the entire Decalu range meets the Seaside Class standard issued by the Qualicoat certification scheme. This enhanced pre-treatment involves a deeper etching of the aluminium substrate than standard – 2.0 g/m2 compared to 1.0 g/m2 – to ensure greater protection of the substrate and a better key for powder coating. 

“It takes away risk and it reduces the likelihood of call backs or manufactures warranty claims”, continues Nigel. 

“As a manufacturer you make a door or window but you don’t know where it’s going to be fitted. In supplying a marine grade product as standard you don’t have to worry” he adds.

Perfect for life by the seaside

As well as being marine-grade as standard, the Decalu offer lends itself to coastal life with a complete range of casement, fully reversible and tilt-and-turn windows.

This includes the new Decalu88 Flush casement. Flush inside and out it achieves u-values as low as 0.8W/m2k triple-glazed – and 1.2W/m2k with a standard unit. 

Decalu88 Aluminium Flush Casement
Young woman relaxing at home next to a window and having a cup of coffee

“We obviously have the Decalu88 Bifold which has significant appeal in a costal location but if a single product is perfect for it, it’s the Lift-and-Slide. 

“You’re maximising views. The mechanism is also very practical. It offers enhanced weather sealing and it’s not going to get caught in the wind or be difficult to close because of it.”

Deceuninck Aluminium’s ultra-energy efficient Decalu163 Lift-and-Slide Door was a finalist at last year’s G-Awards. It can achieve U-values as low as 1.3W/m2K double-glazed making it Part L-compliant for home improvement without having to go to triple-glazed units, saving installers a massive amount of weight in handling.

It’s also Part L newbuild-compliant, achieving U-values of as low as 0.8W/m2K triple glazed, which also means that it will meet the expected standard for newbuild from 2025 in the Future Homes Standard in its current configuration. This is achieved using advanced pre-inserted thermal inserts. 

It can also ‘go big’. The specially designed and highly engineered operating mechanism can accommodate weights of up to 400kg, maximising design reach. 

Individual sashes can be manufactured to 3,900mm by 2,500mm, which gives the Decalu163 Lift-and-Slide the design potential to be comfortably manufactured to span openings of up to 4,000mm by 3,500mm long on a single track; 4,000mm by 7,000mm on a twin track; and 4,000mm by 10,500mm on a triple track option. 

Marine Grade as standard – not just for life by the sea

And Nigel argues that it’s not only at the coast where a marine grade product as standard delivers direct benefits to fabricators. This includes additional sales platforms as well as a better night’s sleep! 

“Coastal locations are more extreme, but there’s always the risk that surface quality can be compromised over time in a variety of environments”, continues Nigel.

“As we’ve said, manufacturers don’t always have visibility of where their products are being specified or installed so Decalu’s marine grade finish takes away that uncertainty, it guarantees long term performance.  

He concludes: “And much like installers at point of sale, fabricators can either pass on this benefit to their customers, to help them win business, or they can use it to increase their bottom line – again it’s entirely up to them.” 

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